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Giving It Oomph!

Most actors and public speakers rehearsing before speaking to an audience will have heard this before from a well-meaning but impatient critic: “Just give it more oomph!”

Keeping it Super Simple

If you’re new to public speaking, the chances are you’ll want to craft what you’re going to say in writing before opening your mouth. It’s a good place to begin. I always recommend starting with a simple outline; a few bullet points of what you… Read More »Keeping it Super Simple

Reading Aloud

Have you noticed how many of us will find any excuse for not rehearsing their delivery before a speech or presentation?  Rehearsing is as normal as breathing for experienced speakers, but for those who aren’t born show ponies it often feels awkward. Best avoided, even… Read More »Reading Aloud

Hope and Renewal

As Christians celebrated Easter this weekend and Jews gathered for the Passover Seder, many also looked beyond the bible to the here and now for signs of hope and rebirth. Russia’s war on Ukraine, clashes at Jerusalem’s holy sites, and violent weather events dominated last… Read More »Hope and Renewal

Red carpet entrance to award ceremony or VIP party bordered by red-roped crowd barriers

Half-Baked Apologies Won’t Do

Hollywood actor Will Smith’s on-stage slapping of Chris Rock echoed around the world. It was shocking, not just for the assault but also for Smith’s foul-mouthed hollering that followed.  He compounded it with a self-pitying acceptance speech for best actor Oscar and a limited apology… Read More »Half-Baked Apologies Won’t Do

Grace Under Fire

The calmness and patience of US Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson this week was impressive – and an object lesson for speakers under fire. She remained calm and courteous to a fault through hours of relentless, often cynical interrogation.

Celebrate Women’s History Month And Support Ukraine

Made Human is marking Women’s History Month and supporting the Ukraine. There’s a 50% discount on Peter Coë’s online public speaking course ‘Be Your Best Self Up Front’. For every sign-up $30 will go to the IRC’s Ukraine crisis fund.

You Want People’s Attention? Then Make It Personal

Lesa and Brennan Brackbill’s daughter was born in 2014 with a rare and often fatal disease that’s treatable if caught early through newborn screening. But there was no screening for it in their home state. So, the little girl’s health deteriorated, and they tragically lost her before her second birthday.