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Made Human is working on two of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We typically work with rising stars or new team leaders in growing and established, science-based companies, particularly in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

We typically work with new team leaders over a 12-month period, preparing for four or five key engagements a year. Evolution, by definition, takes time and you’re likely to need more than one session.

We work with startups bringing about change in health, particularly for health issues affecting women. Women wait longer than men for an accurate diagnosis in many conditions and are more likely to be dismissed by doctors for baffling symptoms.

We are mostly active in the first two years of a new company’s life. We research the health need, figure out the most likely solution to win, raise the funds needed and put together the initial team.

We invest in companies that we believe have what it takes to succeed, particularly in women’s health. We are driven to achieve gender equality in health, one of the key sustainable development goals of the United Nations.